Our greatest value is our health – it is the basis for success in our life. However our daily life is fast moving and there is not enough time for everything we are aiming to accomplish let alone keeping a proper diet and regular exercise. But it does`t have to be that way. Organic nutritional supplements from BENEGANIC are the best way to help you stay healthy in your busy lifestyle.

With BENEGANIC IMMUNE & DETOX you can reload your batteries. It is packed with valuable antioxidants and powerful secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals. With a 10 day cure of BENEGANIC IMMUNE & DETOX each month you will boost your immune system and regularly detoxify your body. Make the 10 day cure a habit and reset and keep your power.

BENEGANIC IMMUNE & DETOX is 100% organic. Each dose contains extracts from 5 kg of super fruits and healing plants.

In addition BENEGANIC IMMUNE & DETOX contains highly concentrated polyphenols from green tea with the highly effective EGCG for detoxification.


BENEGANIC BEAUTY & ANTIAGEING is a product, which has been developed for those who want to keep fit and look best into old age. We therefore added several powerful organic weapons against inner and outer signs of aging to this product. We have known for a long time that besides vitamins and minerals nature offers numerous highly effective plant substances, which may counteract aging. In BENEGANIC BEAUTY & ANTIAGEING we have combined these with our organic vitamins and minerals in a highly concentrated active form.

BENEGANIC BEAUTY & ANTIAGEING is 100% organic. Each dose contains extracts from 5 kg of super fruits and healing plants.

In addition BENEGANIC BEAUTY & ANTIAGEING contains Lycopin – one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, Q10 – which provides energy to our cells, and Omega-3-fatty acids from cold pressed flax-seed oil for the protection of your vessels and your heart.


Many of us are exposed to harmful substances in the air we breathe every day. Cigarette smoke, pollutants or allergens – all of these factors can lead to chronic inflammations of the lung, cough, undesirable mucus or shortness of breath.

BENEGANIC CLEAN BREATHING has been developed by us for those who are concerned about the health of their lungs and exposed to pollutants. BENEGANIC CLEAN BREATHING contains 100% organic vitamins in their complete organic form, plus vital minerals and valuable secondary plant substances. Vitamin B3 and B7 are particularly important for your mucous membranes; whilst vitamin B6, B9, C, iron, zinc and selenium are vital for your immune system. Not forgetting vitamin D, as poor lung functioning is often associated with vitamin D deficiency. Smoke and air pollution can cause aggressive radicals in your lungs’ cells (oxidative stress), which can be harmful in the long term. Antioxidants can prevent this process and free the body from these radicals. BENEGANIC CLEAN BREATHING contains the highly effective secondary plant substance curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is a potent antioxidant. The bioavailability of our Longvida®-Curcumin is up to 285-times higher than that of regular curcumin.

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