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Everything you need to know

At what time of the day should I take BENEGANIC vitamins ?

Take BENEGANIC vitamins in the morning together with breakfast. If you do not have breakfast take the vitamins together with a little fat  f.e. some milk in your coffee. This way you can ensure that the fat soluble vitamins in BENEGANIC can be absorbed in an optimal way. 

How should I take the BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS?

BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS contain capsules and a liquid. Take the liquid and the capsules together. If you have difficulties swallowing capsules you may open the Vitamin capsules and mix the content with a little yoghurt. 
CAUTION: the red krill oil capsules in BENEGANIC BEAUTY & ANTI-AGENG cannot be opened. 

Why do the BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS contain only 10 or 15 shots per month? 

BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS are packed with 100% organic vitamins and minerals, which have an optimal effect in your body.

Therefore you will only need ten doses of BENEGANIC IMMUNE & ANTIOX, BEAUTY & ANTI-AGEING and CLEAN BREATHING in one month. You can either take them every 3 days or 10 days in a row.  

BENEGANIC INTENSIVE HAIR CARE contains 15 shot. You should take one shot every second day.

Can I take  BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS  every day?

In times of an increasing demand for vitamins you may take each of the BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS on a daily basis. There is no risk of overdose. 

May I take BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS  during fasting periods?

Each BENEGANIC POWER SHOT contains less than 10 kcal. Therefore you may take a POWER SHOT during a fasting period. 

Does BENEGANIC contain any synthetic additives?

BENEGANIC products are 100% organic. Vitamins, minerals and all bioactive substances are 100% organic. Also our capsules are 100% organic and made of  hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and without synthetic dyes.

Why does BENEGANIC use aluminium bottles?

We do not want to further increase plastic waste and therefore we use aluminium bottles. Aluminium is one of the most sustainable Materials and it is 100% recyclable. In Swiss pharmacies clients can already return their used bottles and we are working on the lgistics to make recycling possible for all our clients.  

Do the aluminium bottles release aluminium into the ingredients?

No – our aluminium bottles are 100% safe. They are sealed inside and we proved that the bottles do not release any aluminium into the liquid shot.