Two reasons for organic vitamins

1. Only organic vitamins are complete

Did you know that almost 100% of the vitamins you can buy today are synthetic? They are conventionally produced from tar, coal or chemically processed sugar. This explains the chemical and structural differences between the synthetic vitamins and the natural vitamins from our diet. There are more than these structural differences: the synthetic imitations make up only a small part of the entire natural vitamin complex.

Take a look at the example of vitamin C: If you buy conventional synthetic vitamin C, this is only ascorbic acid. However, this only makes up a very small part of the entire vitamin C complex. As you can see in the graphic, the entire vitamin complex contains numerous important plant cofactors and secondary plant substances – tyrosinase, P factors, K factors, J factors and the bioflavonoid complex. Each of these factors has an important function for our health – for the immune system, the blood vessels, the oxygen transport, the blood clotting and down regulation of inflammations.


Vitamin C works in an optimal way only in combination with these plant cofactors. This is shown, among other things, in its effect on muscle recovery. While organic vitamin C reduces the oxidative stress in the muscles after training and thus promotes muscle recovery, synthetic vitamin C does the opposite: it increases the oxidative stress in the muscle after exercise. So it makes sense to take vitamins and minerals as organic extracts from plants and not in synthetic form. This is the only way to be sure that your body receives exactly the micronutrients that it has known from whole food for millions of years. We can use vitamins in an optimal way and receive an optimal health benefit, if they are derived from whole food!

Organic vitamins are safe

Unfortunately, in the past few decades we have increasingly recognized that synthetic vitamins are not only incomplete: Large studies including several hundred thousand subjects revealed that synthetic vitamins may increase the risk of stroke, heart attacks and even cancer. These side effects occur, among other things, because synthetic vitamins are administered in unnaturally high doses. Medical professionals are therefore increasingly reluctant to recommend taking synthetic vitamins for preventive health purposes.
That is why we at BENEGANIC developed the first complete 100% organic vitamin and mineral complex, because we think vitamins should only be taken in their best natural form. Only the originals work in an optimal way and they are balanced in their full complexity and bioavailability. All of our vitamins and minerals are extracted from fruits and plants using complex processes so that they are available in sufficient doses.
So: if you have a choice, take organic vitamins and minerals because:

There is nothing better than the original!