When should I take BENEGANIC vitamins?

Take your BENEGANIC vitamins in the morning – preferably together with breakfast. If you don’t have breakfast, you may take them with a coffee and some milk. Because some of the vitamins in BENEGANIC are fat-soluble, they should be taken with a little fat so that the body can absorb them.


The BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS contain capsules and a liquid. Take the liquid and the capsules. If you cannot swallow capsules, you may open them and stir the content into some yoghurt and consume.
ATTENTION: the red krill oil capsules cannot be opened.

Why do the BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS only contain 10 or 15 shots for a month?

The BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS are packed with 100% organic vitamins and minerals, which can work in your body in an optimal way due to the secondary plant substances and cofactors.

You only need to take 10 shots a month from BENEGANIC IMMUNE & ANTIOX, BEAUTY & ANTI-AGEING AND CLEAN BREATHING: either spread over the whole month or 10 days in a row.

BENEGANIC INTENSIVE HAIR CARE contains 15 shots. These should be taken every other day for a month.

Can I take the BENEGANIC POWER SHOTS when fasting?

A BENEGANIC POWER SHOT has less than 10 kcal. You may therefore also take it during a fasting phase.

Does BENEGANIC contain synthetic additives?

All BENEGANIC products are 100% organic. Vitamins, minerals and all bioactive substances are 100% organic. The capsules are also purely organic made of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) and without dyes. The krilloil capsules are made of bovine gelatine.

Why does BENEGANIC use aluminum bottles?

We do not like plastic and therefore we use aluminum bottles. Aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials because it is 100% recyclable. You can therefore return bottles bought in Swiss pharmacies. We will then recyle them. We are working on the logistics, which should allow every BENEGANIC buyer to recycle bottles.

Do the aluminum bottles give aluminum to the ingredients?

No – our bottles are 100% safe. Our aluminum bottles are sealed and checked from the inside: they are proven not to release any aluminum into the ingredients.