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BENEGANIC is the first 100% organic vitamin and mineral shot. BENEGANIC contains all plant-based vitamins plus organic minerals and secondary plant substances - extracted from 5 kg of superfruits and healing plants.

Our body has adapted to digesting organic vitamins for millions of years. Naturally, together with organic vitamins, we always ingest organic minerals and secondary plant substances from our diet. Vitamins can only work perfectly as a triad - in synergy with organic minerals and secondary plant substances.

For those who want perfection

Each BENEGANIC product consists of two effective components:

No matter which BENEGANIC product you choose, each one contains highly concentrated, standardized quantities of all the organic plant-based vitamins in their complete organic form, that is, with organic minerals and all the natural cofactors that vitamins need to function.

In addition, each product contains highly effective natural ingredients that are tailored to each product. These should give your body extra protection. These substances too are 100% organic and highly concentrated in an effective evidence-based dosage.

Our quality

Not only our ingredients are the highest quality you can find on the vitamin market. Our production process also meets the highest Swiss quality standards.

We ship all over the world - but we produce only in Switzerland.

The substances in the liquid portion of BENEGANIC are dissolved in pure Swiss spring water. Every bottle of BENEGANIC is checked  and sealed by hand in our manufacturing facility in Switzerland. Each pack of BENEGANIC is packaged by hand.

Why should vitamins be ORGANIC?

We know that ORGANIC food is the most nutritious and safest food. The same is true for vitamins. They should also be...


Our Vitamins

Each of our products contains all the plant-based vitamins in standardized highly concentrated dosage - extracted exclusively from organic sources.


Beta-Carotene 0.75 mg    100% RDA 

Vit B1       1.85 mg    169% RDA

Vit B2       1.93 mg    139% RDA

Vit B3       9.76 mg    107% RDA

Vit B5       9.42 mg    164% RDA

Vit B6         4.2 mg    300% RDA

Vit B7       0.05 mg      94% RDA

Vit B9       0.19 mg      94% RDA

Vit C  242 mg     299% RDA

Vit D  0.01 mg     188% RDA

Vit E               35.4 mg     295% RDA

RDA = recommended daily allowance 




BENEGANIC products are developed in cooperation with the European Healthcare Foundation in Zurich. The primary focus of the Foundation is the research and development of innovative concepts for health-care prevention.

All BENEGANIC products have been developed through years of research and the health benefits have been proven in controlled scientific studies.

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