What actually are nutraceuticals

Anyone interested in their health should know about nutraceuticals. You can find out what's behind them here.

"Let nutrition be your medicine and medicine be your nutrition".


Even Hippocrates knew 2500 years ago about the high health potential of nutrition. It is well known that fruits and vegetables are particularly healthy. But with today's scientific methods, we are learning more and more about exactly which components of our diet are particularly protective of our health. For example, we are discovering that it is often the so-called secondary plant compounds that have a particular health benefit. Individual molecules are now being identified that are responsible for a particular health effect. In a plant extract, these molecules are called "active ingredients." They are, for example, the curcuminoids from turmeric root, the lycopene from tomatoes, the catechins in green tea, and many more. These active ingredients account for the bulk of a particular food's health benefits. In addition, studies allow us to determine the amount of these active ingredients that must be consumed for the effect to occur.

These natural substances with a health benefit described here are called nutraceuticals. They are becoming increasingly important in medicine, because they have a great potential to support conventional medical treatment. Because of the mostly low side effects, nutraceuticals can support our health in a gentle way.

However, only high-quality nutraceuticals that are supported by scientific studies offer consumers real added value. The quality of nutraceuticals that you can purchase as dietary supplements varies widely. For example, it is important that extracts are standardized, meaning that they always contain the same sufficient amount of active ingredients. Many active ingredients are very sensitive and retain their activity only with appropriately gentle extraction processes. Another important point is the so-called bioavailability: some nutraceuticals can unfortunately only be absorbed by the body in very small quantities. In high-quality products, the bioavailability has then been significantly increased, e.g. by certain patented processes, so that the active ingredients can be absorbed in sufficient quantities.

BENEGANIC Premium Nutraceuticals
We at BENEGANIC offer you study-supported nutraceuticals. We use only substances with standardized active ingredients, gently extracted and with the highest possible bioavailability. Only in this way can nutraceuticals unfold their full health benefits. In addition, we conduct our own studies to test the benefits of our products. Nutraceuticals we use are lycopene and pomegranate extract for men's health, high quality curcumin for your well-being, beta-glucan from yeast extract in our immune product, omega-3 fatty acids from krill for heart and liver health, keratin from sheep's wool for your hair, hyaluonic acid and collagen for your skin and saffron, ashwagandha and melissa extracts for your psyche. So you see, the range of possibilities for nutraceuticals is vast and nature's resources almost inexhaustible. And so we look forward to developing more excellent products for your health in the future,

Author: Prof. Dr Dorothee Gänshirt