Customer service and contact

Where can I go for specific questions?

If you have specific questions about your order and delivery or about specific products, then it is best to write us an email. To do so, please check the box that indicates what your question is about so that your inquiry is forwarded directly to the contact person.

Customer care and service are our top priority. We would therefore be happy to advise you personally on our products if you have individual questions.

In this case, please write that you request a callback with a medical question. Prof. Gänshirt or Prof. Harms will be happy to call you back at short notice.


At what time of day should I take the BENEGANIC products?

It is best to take the products in the morning together with your breakfast.

An exception is the BALANCE product. If you take BALANCE not mainly for emotional balance, but to sleep better, then take the two capsules in the evening 1 hour before you go to sleep.

Should I take the 2 capsules in the capsule products at once or one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening?

You should take both capsules together.

Can I take several BENEGANIC products at the same time?

You can combine the products of BENEGANIC as you like and take several products at the same time. We have developed the products in such a way that it is not possible to overdose on certain ingredients.

I have trouble swallowing capsules. Can I also open the capsules?

You can also open the capsules by briefly twisting the two halves against each other and pulling them apart. It is best to mix the capsule contents with some yogurt or curd, because it tastes bitter due to the natural ingredients.

Can I take BENEGANIC products during pregnancy?

Yes, you can take our products even during pregnancy. However, you should consult your doctor about the fact that you are taking dietary supplements.

Can BENEGANIC products also be taken by children?

Our products are all well tolerated, but there is no general answer to this question. We are constantly receiving requests from customers who would like to give one of our products to a child or teenager with a specific problem. We ask you to contact us directly in these cases so that we can discuss your individual case.

Can I take BENEGANIC products together with other vitamin supplements?

In principle, you can take other nutritional supplements together with BENEGANIC. However, we cannot guarantee that in this case you will not be over-supplied with individual vitamins, minerals or nutraceuticals; this can lead to health problems.

We have therefore coordinated our products in such a way that several BENEGANIC products can be taken at the same time without an oversupply occurring.

Can a physical reaction occur if I discontinue BENEGANIC products after prolonged use?

No, this can not happen. BENEGANIC products are not medicines but dietary supplements obtained from natural sources.they are not addictive.

Products for skin and hair

How long do I have to take the products for the hair to see success?

With our hair products, keratin, vitamins and minerals are stored in the hair root cells from the inside. This happens very quickly. This results first of all in less hair loss. You will notice this already after a few days. In addition, dormant hair root cells are activated to produce hair again. After 20 days of taking INTENSIVE HAIR CARE Power Shots, you will already see new additional hair on your scalp (see the testimonials on the product pages of the hair products). During the intake, your regrowing hair will also be better supplied - with keratin and micronutrients. Therefore, after a few weeks you can observe that the hair that grows back is stronger and shinier. It also grows back faster. After 3 months you can see an optimal effect on your hair.

How long do I need to take the skin products to see success?

Our skin products supply the skin with special active ingredients and micronutrients from the inside via the blood vessels. You can expect to feel an improvement in the appearance and feel of your skin after just a few days. After 3 months of use, you will achieve an optimal and lasting effect. In contrast to external care, the effect of our products lasts up to 3 months even if you stop taking the product.

Can I take the BENEGANIC products for skin and hair at the same time?

Yes you can and it even makes a lot of sense. The keratin in our hair product has also been shown to support your skin and nails, and some ingredients in the skin product also have an effect on hair. So the combination further enhances the effect on skin and hair.


Can BENEGANIC products cause side effects?

BENEGANIC products are generally very well tolerated and they do not cause serious side effects, unless you have an allergy to certain ingredients. Our allergens are marked on the packaging and our website under the products (ingredients).

If you take BENEGANIC products on an empty stomach, then sensitive people may experience mild discomfort. Our products contain highly enriched natural extracts. People with a sensitive stomach, should therefore consume our products together with a meal.

Can I take the BENEGANIC products together with my medication?

If you need to take medication and are unsure whether a particular BENEGANIC product is compatible with it, you should seek advice from your doctor.

Order, shipping and payment

How long does the shipping take?

In Germany and Switzerland your orders will always be shipped by express and will reach you in 2-3 working days.

Can I also order by phone or email?

You can only order online from us. Our accounting and shipping are electronically linked and therefore a smooth processing can only be done electronically.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer the following payment methods: Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Applepay) PayPal and in Switzerland additionally TWINT and in Germany additionally Klarna.